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What is the difference between the ePaper and the paper2web-models?

With our ePaper-models you can create your own ePaper in a few clicks.
You pay once per upload. After the registration you can immediately create an ePaper.

We can adapt the paper2web license versions exactly to your needs.
You will also have access to your own web application created for these ePaper-models.

Why do I have to register?

To manage and create your own ePaper easily and quickly, you first have to register.
Please contact us for our license versions.

How can I pay?

You simply pay by invoice.
If you fail to comply with the payment period of 14 days we reserve the right to remove your ePaper.

Which browsers does paper2web support?

When testing new ePaper versions we concentrate on a browser with a market share of more than 5%.
We support the following browser versions:
- Google Chrome from version 16
- Mozilla Firefox from version 10
- Internet Explorer from version 9
- Safari from version 7

And especially for tablet PCs and smartphones:
Google Chrome for Android
Safari for iOS 7

First a brief explanation of the concepts:

Our ecatalogue program is split into ...
- a standardised suitable Paper application and
- an individually adjustable paper2web license.

The most important points for our numerous customers are ...

- that the ecatalogue program is entirely developed at our company here in CH-5000 Aarau.
- that we can respond individually to each customer’s requests.
- that - during office hours - we respond (without a ticket system) to customer requests immediately.
- our around 500 companies with approximately 3,000 ePaper that document our "problem solving ability".
- the opportunity to trial the paid licenses. (in case of non-payment of the invoice the documents are simply removed after 2 weeks)

In general, the most important benefit of all ePaper and paper2web licences:

- Our ecatalogue is a pure HTML5 version.
- This means the same "browsing display" is possible on "all" end devices for your documents. (optimised for mobile devices, tablets and smartphones with current HTML5 browsers)
- "Unlimited" links on your ecatalogue are available
- When uploading one of your documents you will be able to use our latest ecatalogue program right away. (the paper2web licences that have already been produced and "older" documents are automatically updated with the software)

The most important benefits of an ePaper license:

- In general, no third-party advertisements, manufacturer comments or competing catalogues are shown.
- You can easily upload the Free version to the server (in 3 versions) free of charge.
- Both paid versions can be trialled for 14 days. In case of non-payment of the invoice, your ePaper will simply be deleted.
- The ePaper is produced using an intuitive web interface with Login.
- Disadvantage: no individual customer requests can be integrated.

The most important benefits of a paper2web license depend on the type of license:

- Virtually everything can be adapted to customer requests. (see various examples
Including an individual look (logo, colours, backgrounds etc...). See SLV
- A comprehensive document search function is available.
- A magazine archive is available.
- For € 490 you can publish 99 documents. (you can upload these 99 documents (theoretically) in 5 minutes as a ZIP file)
- You can easily use the unlimited license as a reseller version. Each ePaper can have its own "communication address".
- Table of contents can be recognised by the software and "linked to pages". In general PDF internal "Links" can be recognised and used.
- Article numbers can be recognised by the software and linked to in the “shopping cart” and/or “eShop”. (here you can try "clicking on an article number" for free)
(and here you can find a very successful, "integrated" example of a "Public eShop")
- With the comprehensive statistics module you can easily recognise and analyse your "client visits" and your "special offer campaigns". (visitors, special offers in the ePaper, devices and browser, visitor origin, real-time counters etc...)
- paper2web-Hosting on your server is obviously no problem
- Disadvantage: each license must be discussed with the clients in advance in order to set up a so-called (individual) web uploader.

Other benefits of paper2web are ...

- Powerful search (and display) function. Please see here for an example. (also an option for all uploaded documents: E.g. Sonnenenergie)
- Individual functions (modules activated/deactivated, options, text etc...)
- Functionalities: View / Press / Turn / Recommend / Request / Shopping cart ... Etc.
- Films can be integrated. See log on the cover page and page 8 for a larger film.
- Info texts (special offer from... to... buy 1 get 1 free) can be integrated. See BGV
- For construction product manufacturers, integration in is possible.